Inflatable Games Offered By Mo-Fun

Inflatable games from Mo-Fun will liven up any party or event. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, work event or family reunion, our inflatable games bring out the friendly competition in everyone. Spend the day challenging your friends and family to a game of darts or mega hoops. Scroll down to see all the fun we have in store

Cash Cube #601

Make your fun rewarding! Watch as participants attempt to catch money, coupons, or whatever is blowing around in the cube of cash. Our cash cubes come in Silver or Blue Colors.

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 6' Diameter x 8' Tall
  • Price: $150 ($100 Lease + $50 Labor)

Zero Gravity #602

Six targets float as if by magic. Columns of air levitate the targets while contestants toss balls to knock them out of orbit.

  • Fun for all ages!
  • 14 ft long x 11 ft wide by 10 tall
  • Price: $150 ($100 Lease + $50 Labor)

Dart Challenge/Golf chipper game #603

Throw or chip velcro-wiffle golf balls onto a giant inflatable dart board. Fun for all ages. Let the competition begin!

  • Ages 5 and up.
  • 5 foot Long, 2 feet wide, 8 foot tall
  • Price: $100 ($65 Lease + $35 Labor)

Strikeout Challenge #604

Challenge your friends to see who is the most accurate thrower! Game includes a backstop with a picture of a batter who is waiting for you to strike him out. Fun for all ages!

  • 12 Feet tall, 12 Feet long, 12 Feet wide
  • Price: $150 ($100 Lease + $50 Labor)

Mini-Hoops #605

Shoot out with two goals for great competition.

  • Ages 6 and up.
  • Price: $100 ($65 Lease + $35 Labor)

Mega-Hoops #606

Challenge your friends to see who can sink shots the quickest! Game includes two 10 foot high backboards and rims with a 9 foot high, wider than normal, hoop. Fun for all ages.

  • 15 Feet high, 15 Feet long, 12 Feet wide
  • Price $150 ($100 Lease + $50 Labor)

Quarterback Challenge #608

Quarterback Challenge is an exciting inflatable game that lets players, young and old, show off their passing game. Future quarterbacks can face off with each other as they throw a football through a receiving hole. Once the pass is completed, the football is then returned to the opposing quarterback's lane. The competitive spirit of this inflatable game really gets going as each player tries to get rid of all of their footballs.

  • 9 Feet High, 17 Feet Long, 7 Feet Wide
  • Price: $150 ($100 Lease +$50 Labor)

Home Run Challenge #609

With this original baseball-themed inflatable game, Home Run Challenge lets your guests feel like they’re in the big leagues. . Players can step up to the plate and take part in batting practice as they hit baseballs into an enclosed “outfield.” The back wall has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit, realistic artwork, and defensive outfielders trying to catch the ball. The Home Run inflatable game offers plenty of three-dimensional details, with a baseball bat- and ball-flanked opening and versatility; players can bat either left- or right-handed. The Home Run Challenge is a great way to promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship. It’s also a great addition to any birthday party or event with guests of any age.

  • Unit Height:13' Unit Length:12' Unit Width:10'
  • $150 ($100 Lease + $50 Labor)

Triple Play Sports Cage #610

This Triple Play Sports Cage is good for all the multi-sport athletes out there! This inflatable features a soccer lane for scoring around a goalie, a football lane for touchdown passing, and a baseball lane for strike-out throwing. Fun for all ages!

  • 30 Feet long, 12 Feet Wide, 13 Feet High
  • Price $300 ($200 Lease, $100 Labor)

Velcro Wall #501

You’ve always wanted to do it, and with our velcro wall, you can finally put those bouncing skills to use. No matter if it’s an office party, fundraiser, or house party, this inflatable velcro wall will make guests at any event excited to see how high they can stick or simply watch other guests sticking to the wall and struggling to get down. Rental includes 2 suits.

  • 20 Feet Long, 11 Feet Wide, 13 Feet High
  • Price: $390 ($260 Lease + $130 Labor)

4-Man Joust and Tug of War #505

This Pedestal Joust comes complete with headgear, jousting poles, and a four man rope, making the Pedestal Joust/Tug-of-War inflatable game ready to start up a jousting and tug of war tournament in minutes! This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any party or outdoor event!

  • 23 Feet Wide, 23 Feet Long, 4 Feet High
  • Price: $390 ($260 Lease + $130 Labor)

Bouncy Boxing #512

This 24' x 24' Boxing arena comes complete with headgear and Boxing Gloves. It provides for an easy turnaround as the combatants can enter and leave the ring easily. The large oversized gloves help to protect from any real damage.

  • 24 Feet Long, 24 Feet Wide, 8 Feet High
  • Price: $390 (Lease $260 plus $130 Labor)

First 'N Goal #504

No one has ever played football quite like this! The First N Goal inflatable game offers all the excitement of a real NFL football game, but without any of the traditional rules. Each inflatable game can hold two opponents, one on each end. The zany and fun twist is they are attached to the game by bungee cords! The object of the game is to score in the opposite goal before the opponent does, which puts each player on defense and offense at the same time. A green floor stands in for turf, with white-painted yard lines and a large football practice pop up makes for an authentic experience under the lights. Struggle on the gridiron as you compete against an oponent in this pigskin version of tug of war.

Ages 10 and up.

  • 32 Feet Long,14 Feet Wide, 10 Feet High
  • Price: $390 ($260 Lease + $130 Labor)

Bungee Runner #502 or $503

Players compete as they race down their lanes to place a Velcro pouch further down the track than their opponent before the bungee pulls them back.

Ages 8 to adult.

  • 35 Feet Long,10 Feet wide, 9 Feet tall
  • Price: $390 ($260 Lease + $130 Labor)

Inflatable Pony Races #511


Race your friends with inflatable ponies! Your course must be laid out on grass or a gym floor. May the best buckaroo win!

  • 2 Ponies $130 ($100 Lease, $30 Labor)
  • 3 Ponies $150 ($120 Lease, $30 Labor)

Inflatable Throne #611

Feel like a King or Queen on this 12 foot throne. Great for photo ops.

  • Price: $50 ($35 Lease + $15 Labor)

Inflatable Twister #507

Fun for everyone, tie yourself up in knots with this ever popular body-bender.

Ages 5 & up

  • 15 Feet wide, 15 Feet long, 3 Feet high
  • Price: $150 ($100 lease + $50 labor)

Lazer Tag #509

This electronic tag game is ideal for large groups. Don your vest and phazers to navigate the maze and tag your opponents with lazer shots until they are all eliminated.

Ages 8 and up.

  • 24 Feet wide, 42 Feet long, 8 Feet tall
  • Price: $480 ($320 Lease + $160 Labor)

Soccer and Fuseball Game #510

This one is for all you soccer and fuseball fans! The inflatable soccer and fuseball arena is a 5 on 5 interactive where contestants try to kick a soccer ball into their opponents' goal to score and win. Ages 8 and up.

  • 46 Feet Long, 21 Feet Wide, 9 Feet High
  • Price: $390 ($260 Lease, $130 Labor)

Defender Dome #508

4 contestants start out with 3 balls each and try to throw them into their opponents' goals. The contestant with the least amount of balls in their goal wins. A great combative game for ages 8 and up.

  • 34 Feet Wide, 34 Feet Long, 18 Feet high
  • Price: $600 ($300 Lease, $300 Labor)