Inflatable Combo Units Bring More Fun to the Party with Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides All In One!

If you’re searching for something with more than just bouncing, look no further. Our inflatable combo units combine two elements of fun to set your party into motion. Whether it’s jumping and sliding, or bouncing while dunking balls into hoops, we can provide exactly what you’re looking for to keep your guests entertained and active for hours. Scroll down to view all of the great combo units we offer.

Castle Combo

This Castle Combo offers up to four different activities. Each bounce house has a large interior jumping area and a basketball hoop for group interaction. Additionally, high-visibility mesh allows spectators to keep an eye on participants. This jumper comes with a climb to conquer and a fast slide, acting as entertainment for even the most active child! Each bouncy castle is manufactured for safety with lite n strong™, fire resistant vinyl, durability and portability for any indoor and outdoor party.

  • 16 Feet long, 14 Feet Wide, 13 Feet High
  • Price: $225 ($150 lease + $75 labor)

Sports Combo #202

This combo is for your little athletes! It includes a jumping area, basketball hoop, climb and slide for athletic fun. It can also be used with water.

  • 30 Feet Long, 11 Feet Wide, 13 Feet High
  • Price: $240 ($160 Lease + $80 Labor)
  • Water with slide: $300 ($160 + $140 Labor)

Black/Gold Football Combo #209

This exciting Combo unit allows for a lot of bouncing, climbing and sliding right through the middle of a huge football player in a classic Black/Gold uniform.

  • 30 Feet Long, 20 Feet Wide, 14 Feet High
  • Price: $240 ($160 Lease + $80 Labor)

Planes Combo

The Disney themed “Planes” featured on the front of this bounce house inflatable combo, will delight your kids. This inflatable rental option is an excellent choice for any birthday party, school function or block party. Kids enjoy the fun theme on the outside, the extra-large jumping area on the inside and the super cool slide on the inside of this unit.

  • 20 Feet Long, 15 Feet Wide, 14 Feet High
  • Price: $240 ($160 lease + $80 labor)

Princess Castle Combo #213

Have fun with your little princess by renting the Princess Castle Combo. This interactive combo features a bouncing area, climb, and slide with a basketball hoop for MVP Royalty!

  • 17 Feet Long, 15 Feet Wide, 14 Feet High
  • Price: $240 ($160 Lease + $80 Labor)

Ninja Turtles Combo #205

This one's for our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans! Invite Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael to your party by renting the Ninja Turtles Combo. This combo includes a jumping area, basketball hoop, climb and slide for hours of ninja fun!

  • Ages 3 and up!
  • 20 Feet Long, 15 Feet Wide, 14 Feet High
  • Price: $270 ($180 + $90 Labor)

Cars 5-in-1 Combo Unit #207

The largest in Carburetor County! Kids can pretend to race with Lightning McQueen, Mater and The King in this ultimate bounce house with five different fun-filled activities. Digital Artwork features all of the cars at the race for the Piston Cup.
The 5-in-1 combo style bounce house is the ultimate in inflatable jumpers! The large interior jumping area offers a basketball hoop and both log and pop-up obstacles. The race track has a climbing feature and a convenient exit slide for hours of active fun! This 5-in-1 combo is sure to make any indoor or outdoor event a great success! Join Lightning McQueen and all of his competitors in their quest for the Piston Cup.

  • 20 Feet Long, 20 Feet Wide, 15 Feet High
  • Price: $270 ( $180 lease + $90 labor)

Mickey Park 5-in-1 Combo #210

The licensed Mickey Park 5-in-1 combo bouncy castle will bring the Mickey Mouse Club House to your next event or party! Players of all ages can join, as Mickey and Minnie, Daffy and Daisy and Goofy invite guests to Mickey Park, where children can choose from five different activities in this entertaining bouncy castle. Fantastic artwork shows Mickey and the gang having all kinds of fun: riding down a winding slide and going for a drive. Trademark Mickey ears point the way on top of this 5-in-1 combo bouncy castle! Hop right into the Disney Club House with this exciting bouncer!

  • Ages 5 and up
  • 20 Feet Long, 15 Feet Wide, 14 Feet High
  • Price: $270 ($180 Lease + $90 Labor)

World of Disney 5-in-1 Combo #211

Bounce, climb, slide, shoot baskets and dodge obstacles for five-in-one fun!

  • For children ages 3 to 30.
  • 20 feet wide, 20 feet long, 15 feet tall
  • Price: $270 ($180 Lease + $90 Labor)

UFO Combo #214

Have your contestants feel like they’re jumping in outer space by renting the UFO Combo! This inflatable features a jumping area, climb, and an 8 foot slide.

  • Ages 3 and up
  • 25 Feet Wide, 36 Feet Long, 20 Feet High
  • Price: $330( $165 Lease, $165 Labor)